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Search engine marketing ensures that your pages are readable to the search engines with an emphasis on the key topics threaded throughout the individual pages. Search engine spiders comprehensively crawl your website extracting pertinent data relevant to a search. The more relevant your data, ensures you are found first when your targeted audience is searching the internet for content related to your business. It is common practice for internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where your site ranks is essential for directing more traffic to your site.

Creative Inceptions Search Services include:

Keyword Research and Analysis

We begin with detailed keyword research and analysis in order to understand your keyword market and begin developing an understanding of how your target audiences are searching in your industry. We mine keyword search data to create keyword market profiles for better understanding of your online customer segments. The resulting keyword intelligence reports are critical to developing a solid strategy for the ongoing campaign.

Search Strategy Development

Creative Inceptions works with you to determine the specific goals:

The Strategy consists of the following:

  • Short-term vs. Long-term goals
  • Specific high-cost phrases vs. General low-cost phrases
  • Broad matching vs. Specific phrases
  • Geo-targeting vs. Global reach
  • Brand awareness vs. Direct response
  • Direct Sales vs. Lead Generation

Keyword Selection

Creative Inceptions will use SEM strategy and our keyword research to make the initial selection of keywords to be managed and optimized in the paid search engines.  Keyword selection is the key to achieving sales, actions, and higher conversion rates with your paid search campaign. 

Management and Optimization

Creative Inceptions dedicates time to the ongoing paid search campaign management and to optimizing the campaigns performance. Depending on the total budget, number of included keywords, the number of paid search engines, and the competitiveness of the business segment, we may work on your campaign on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Analytics and ROI Reporting

With Google Analytics and ROI Reporting in place, we can optimize your paid search campaigns with real-time referral data from Yahoo! and Google by tracking traffic to your website and how it converts into action. This data is the key for understanding which keyword terms are worth investing in. It gives us the knowledge to move quickly and ensure your SEM is delivering the highest value by excluding keywords that aren't performing and expanding keywords that are.

Organic Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click?

Internet marketing research and studies have proven time and time again that in the majority of cases organic search engine optimization strategies (Organic/natural SEO services) are far more cost effective then pay per click (PPC) advertising. Pay per click advertising should not be used for your more competitive industry keywords but those other search terms that have less impact and are more tuned to your specific niche of products and services.  The differentiators!

and here is more info:

Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings:

We do not promise unfounded and unrealistic goals. We do however provide the latest technology and organic search engine optimization techniques that will without a doubt boost your internet traffic and revenue and reduce your internet marketing costs. Our organic-natural search engine optimization services (organic-natural SEO) naturally improves your ranking in search engine which obviously decreases the need for paid advertising allowing your company to allocate your resources in more efficient ways.

Contact Creative Inceptions today to start exploring how we can help your online business grow.

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