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About Creative Inceptions

Creative Inceptions provides full-service web design and social media management. We specialize in quality and effective creation of commercial grade websites featuring rich graphics, open source content management system, database, cross-browser compatible code, and standardized search engine optimization. We work with industry standard technologies that allows us to provide rapid development.

Content Development


CreativeInceptions,com offers a complete content architecture and population service that will underpin your marketing purposes.  We believe that 'sticky-ness' is achieved when visitors find value in the content you provide.  Having fresh content that is followed and SEO'ed properly is paramount to having your website work for you and your company or organization.

This is a solid way to grow and boost your website's ranking but requires a more substantial investment on your part than just having a new site built.  If you do not have the resources or the content for your site then this is where CreativeInceptions,com comes in!  Email Us Now for more details!

Content Management System


When should I consider using a Content Management System (CMS)?

  1. If your site requires frequent updates to images or text content
  2. If your site carries large amounts of content
  3. If you want to update and maintain your site yourself
  4. If you want other people to contribute to your site

There a many different kinds of CMS, at Creative Inceptions we use a system that allows users to update their website via a web based interface so you don’t have to learn new programs to maintain your site, you can log in to our administration page and update your website using your favourite web browser.

Hourly Rates


Whether you are thinking of starting a new web site or redesigning an existing one, we would be pleased to provide you with a flat rate estimate.

Please note that the estimate provided is to be used as a guideline for an approximation of the cost involved in the project. The actual cost may vary depending on changes to the scope of work and/or functional requirements during the design and development phases.

Logo Design


Our services range from basic budget packages, offering a quality logo design to complete branding packages that includes business card, letterhead, labels, etc..

All completed work is delivered with files supplied in your chosen format. (.JPG, .TIFF, .PSD, etc.)

A 75% + Tax deposit is required on commencement of all logo work.

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*Please note this Service does not include marketing consulting.  Features and options on this page and in this article are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for further clarification and consultation.

Professional Website


Whether you are new to the online business world or a seasoned business with an existing website, the fact is that an effective, professional looking and up-to-date website is essential to your business marketing plan. Open Source Content Management System is a powerful and affordable website development, management and marketing platform that can catapult your online presence around the world.

A website built with a CMS allows you to take control of your website after it has been professionally built; it places you and your staff in control of your own web content so you can make the changes you want when you want to. With a Content Management System, you are totally in charge of your content. A CMS website is a low cost alternative to a pure custom website. It features a professional design, unlimited pages, a blog and many more Web 2.0 features. The Content Management System delivers a feature rich environment with dynamic infrastructure that acts as a marketing hub for your business or organization.

Social Media Management Solutions

smedia3 is your social media management solution partner. We will prepare and manage all of your social media and Internet marketing plans and projects.

As you undoubtedly already know or have heard over and over social media is growing rapidly across all sectors. Smartphones, IPhones, IPads and Tablets are the new devices that are tapping into the mobile networks everyday, everywhere. Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google have hundreds of millions of users that are your customers and potential prospects.  Can you afford to not be part of the Social Media market?

Website Customization


Looking for additional customization or design for a new or existing site? We can provide you with the data that can help all of us create the right tactical design changes for you.

Here are a few of the questions Creative Inceptions will ask:

  1. What does the company do?
  2. What is your role in the company?
  3. Does the company have an existing logo or brand?
  4. What is your goal in developing a web site?
  5. What information do you wish to provide online?
  6. Who comprises your target audience? Do its members share any common demographics, like age, sex, or a physical location?
  7. Who are your competitors and do they have web sites?

Who is Creative Inceptions

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Who we are offer complete web solutions. If you are looking for web design solutions we can offer you an all-in-one solution to deliver your web design needs.

The core web design services offers include but are not limited to web design, web hosting, and professional SEM/SEO services. We offer free consultations in web design, and web marketing. Our experience in working with many high profile companies and firms gives us an edge in marketing and consulting that very few companies have the ability to offer in web related services like web design and web hosting.