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CreativeInceptions,com offers a complete content architecture and population service that will underpin your marketing purposes.  We believe that 'sticky-ness' is achieved when visitors find value in the content you provide.  Having fresh content that is followed and SEO'ed properly is paramount to having your website work for you and your company or organization.

This is a solid way to grow and boost your website's ranking but requires a more substantial investment on your part than just having a new site built.  If you do not have the resources or the content for your site then this is where CreativeInceptions,com comes in!  Email Us Now for more details!

Great Content Is What Sets You Apart From The Competition

For too long content has been the missing link in the web development process.  The focus has instead been on the tools, technology and looks rather than the substance. The content on your web site needs to be there for a purpose; designed to get people to follow a particular action. Once you've got the reader involved, you need to build desire. Content can do this by painting a picture and then relating value and benefits in simple language.

Great Content Gets Customers To Act

Any good salesman will tell you that the call to action is the most important part of a sales pitch. You can have the best and most useful product but unless you get the customer to act, it'll all be in vein.

The bottom line is good content sells and is key to building your web value equation. Unfortunately copy on the web is pretty shocking. A large amount of online content is recycled from brochures, mission statements and other traditional marketing materials. It's usually dumped on a website because it's easy and readily available. This type of content is flat and does not build value; it's usually too long when describing features or company/organization focused. (It's about the customer, not the company.)   And it almost always reads like a sales and marketing pitch.

Website Content Should Focus On The Individual

Consider the words you use and the tone of your message. Read the content aloud and listen to hear a normal conversation. By speaking the same language, your readers feel comfortable and get the impression you understand their needs. Developing a focused message is also fundamental to high search engine rankings.

Clarity and Content Value

Web users have multiple things going at once. If the content doesn't immediately grab attention and spark interest, they move on.

Web headline copy needs to be brief, relevant and impactful.  This will draw visitors into the site.  Then, depending on the type of business or service provided, you can close with a call to action (sale, download, registration, booking, etc.) and/or provide content rich information that is of value to the visitor which also re-reinforces the value equation and lends an aura of credibility to the owners of the website and the products and/or services being offered.  This approach helps ensure your web presence becomes a destination that is content rich and provides real value in the content itself.

Most customers will develop their own website content to ensure continuity and alignment to goals and direction.  However,  serious consideration to outsourcing content development would prove to be a wise investment that produces short and long term results. Content architecture of a website is more than just words—it is the complete development of a web page, topic, news, blog, portal, etc., to maximize traffic and emphasize interactivity with the rest of the Internet. At Creative Inceptions™ we have content architects and the content generation skills to build out any part of your website to ensure that your company’s Internet presence is heightened and that your business goals are achieved.

Content Rich Sites, Not Just Text…

We incorporate search engine optimized content and keywords, conversion enhancing writing style, graphics, pictures, subject matter and multimedia, all in an integrated strategy to optimize your web presence for maximum results and visitor 'sticky-ness'.

Website traffic and link popularity are drawn from consistent, quality content. Whether it is strictly informative, highly intriguing or just downright hilarious copy… people come back, and other sites and services will link to high quality content and rss feeds. “Content is King” and if you don't believe that then do a search on Google: Content is King  - and you should receive over 80,000,000 results.

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