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smedia3 is your social media management solution partner. We will prepare and manage all of your social media and Internet marketing plans and projects.

As you undoubtedly already know or have heard over and over social media is growing rapidly across all sectors. Smartphones, IPhones, IPads and Tablets are the new devices that are tapping into the mobile networks everyday, everywhere. Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google have hundreds of millions of users that are your customers and potential prospects.  Can you afford to not be part of the Social Media market?

Please take a moment and ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. How do you leverage powerful new marketing platforms like online video, social media, and mobile devices to generate a dependable flow of well-qualified leads and customers at a reasonable cost?
  2. And how else can you grow a program like this incrementally to control costs and get it to pay for itself as much as possible?

We are confident that we can help you do just that.

The approach to market your company through social media includes the 4 following steps:

  1. A comprehensive plan for your business to leverage Internet marketing and social media to increase sales and grow your business.
  2. Establishing you as an authority in your subject area. This is critical for generating qualified leads through social media.
  3. Building a tribe of followers through social media that grows organically and sustains your business throughout economic cycles.
  4. Creating a visible, consistent, integrated presence across the Web and social media that supports your brand and dramatically increases the likelihood that prospects looking for your information or solutions pertaining to key related concepts find your business.

The objective is to establish a presence in every relevant channel, engage with prospects and customers on their turf and follow up with them continuously to create deep awareness, interest, social authority and trust.

We believe strongly that your business needs our program and that can deliver the results and help you realize a significant financial return from online marketing.


This program represents a strong focus of your marketing dollars into powerful internet channels and social media platforms. It is a comprehensive plan for establishing your company in these places and coordinating your activities in them to increase your social authority, generate more leads, and convert more customers.

The end result will be a powerful and comprehensive marketing program that will generate a significant return on investment.

Step 1: Setup

  1. Website creation or redesign (if applicable).
  2. Make sure e-mail is sufficient to handle all updates and communications. If you are not comfortable with using your e-mail frequently, Creative Inceptions™ will make recommendations on how to maximize e-mail productivity.
  3. Facebook page creation (if applicable). Your Facebook page is a must-have social media presence. If Facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous nation in the world. And if you think Facebook is only for young people, keep in mind the fastest-growing demographic is women ages 35-64.
  4. Twitter account creation (if applicable). Your twitter feed is another must-have social media presence. With 200 million members, it has significant impact on your social media presence, building your fan base and generating leads and customers. Also, Twitter itself is a formidable search engine, hosting some 24 million searches per month (more than Yahoo! and Bing combined).
  5. YouTube channel setup (if applicable). YouTube is the perfect intersection of online video marketing, social media, and search engine visibility.
  6. Wordpress blog creation (if applicable). Having a blog associated with your website will powerfully increase search engine relevancy for your website, thereby adding even more social authority and driving more traffic to it.

Step 2: Custom Design

  • creates a custom Facebook page setup/design for your business.
  • creates a custom Twitter page setup/design for your business.
  • creates a custom YouTube page setup/design for your business (If applicable).
  • creates a custom Pinterest account setup/background design for your business (If applicable).

Step 3: Social Media Engagement will fully monitor your social media platforms. People are more comfortable visiting blogs and other social media because they know these channels are not typically sales environments and they will not be pressed to buy something. Monitoring these social platforms allows us to establish and build relationships with customers and fans that lead to “word of mouth” referrals and ultimately, sales. will make 3-5 posts per week on social platforms at your direction.

Step 4: Analyze will update you monthly on the progress of your investment and address any questions or concerns you may have.

You will be provided with usage statistics to help you see the benefits of your investment. This will be sent to you on a monthly basis detailing the amount of traffic and interaction on your social media platforms.

We cannot stress the importance of the use of social media in today's market. You can stand by and watch or take the lead and Set the Pace in Social Media marketing! If you have any questions please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you very much for visiting this page and we look forward to working with you!

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