You need to make your marketing communications efforts work for you.

But it's not enough to have research, advertising, public relations, web development, inbound marketing,  social media marketing and SEO firms at your disposal. You need seamless integration. Sharing of critical strategic information. Differentiation across all communications channels - and particularly your Marketing Hub (website). A single voice, focused on your web communication.

 We help our customers intensify their marketing initiatives, particularly to establish a Web Presence as a brand name which will cut through the clutter of billions of messages delivered everyday across the web.

A solid awareness plan should include:

  1. Fully integrated marketing communications plan establishing high recognition of Web Site.
  2. Focusing on inbound marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, interactive promotion and strong public relations.
  3. Using highly visual and content rich information that establishes a consistent, high recall image for the Web Presence.
  4. Printed materials that support the web site used in conjunction with promotions and presentations that invite essential audiences to interact with the Web Site.
  5. Planning to utilize the WEB and the Internet as a key integral part of the advertising media mix.
  6. Announcing sales incentives such as contests and draws that reinforce the messages on the web site and dovetail with the branding and positioning initiatives.
  7. Using the web site to gain wide exposure in trade and mainstream media in important markets.
  8. Using editorials, product reviews seminars and trade shows to show the web site and get people to interact with it.
  9. An initial advertising budget should be considered to help quickly build a 'Top of Mind' presence and establish credibility.

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