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When should I consider using a Content Management System (CMS)?

  1. If your site requires frequent updates to images or text content
  2. If your site carries large amounts of content
  3. If you want to update and maintain your site yourself
  4. If you want other people to contribute to your site

There a many different kinds of CMS, at Creative Inceptions we use a system that allows users to update their website via a web based interface so you don’t have to learn new programs to maintain your site, you can log in to our administration page and update your website using your favourite web browser.


Aside from adding text and images to your web site the CMS enables you to:

  1. Maintain a news blog
  2. Add an events calendar
  3. Manage an image gallery
  4. Manage banner adds to help you earn money from your site
  5. Have an integrated e-marketing system to keep in touch with new or prospective clients
  6. Allow visitors to your site to contribute content or set a variety of access levels so that staff has limited access to designated areas of the site.


All CMS sites are built on a open source platform that is being upgraded all the time.

What kind of website do I need?

Choosing a website that is right for your business requires careful consideration. This section is designed to show you the different kinds of websites we build and to help you make the right choice about the functionality you need from your website.

Creative Inceptions offers packages on three different types of website, the primary features of which are explained below:

Static Sites

A static site is a website that performs no programmed tasks; it acts simply as an online brochure. The content can only be updated by a web designer and its main purpose is as a research and reference tool for customers to find out more about your business.

CMS Sites

CMS is web jargon meaning Content Management System. Essentially a CMS website is one where you the client can update the content of the site.

e-Commerce Sites

Means selling products or services online. E-commerce websites can enable orders, sales and even payments via a web portal.

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