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Through Creative Inceptions™ and our Hosting Partners, Knownhost, Siteground and Google, we are secure and confident about providing the following plans and options.

We offer full service hosting management that is monitored and tracked on every website built by Creative Inceptions™. Our Professional Content Management Systems and e-Commerce solutions are better served on robust and high level RAID/Redundant hosting platforms.  If you elect to use our hosting services please see below for a comprehensive list of features and tools.  Hosting fees are billed separately and are not part of the website design fees. Please contact us for more details.

We offer the following features on hosting platforms:

Key Features:

Host Unlimited Domains: Creative Inceptions™ range of plans allow you to ‘Host Unlimited Domains’ under the single account. You can allocate your disk storage and data transfer between your various domains however you like.

Sub Domains: Create unlimited sub domains under each of your hosted domains. A sub domain takes the format:

cPanel Control Panel: Every account you create (e.g. client sites) via the Web Host Manager (WHM) will have its own individual cPanel login. cPanel allows your client (or yourself if you are simply using the reseller plan to host your own websites or managing sites on your clients behalf) to take complete control over the hosting account including allowing management of the entire website, email accounts, databases and more. For example, email accounts and forwarders can be created, password protected directories configured, MySQL databases managed and more directly through the cPanel system without having to contact customer support.

Hardware RAID10 Arrays: Creative Inceptions™ servers are protected by hardware RAID10 arrays to help reduce or even eliminate downtime in the event of a hard disk failure. The servers are also backed by a hot-spare disk for immediate failover and the hard disks are completely hot-swappable so that a failed disk can be replaced while the server remains online.

Email Tools:

Create Unlimited Email Accounts: You may create an unlimited number of email accounts through your control panel which can be accessed using any email client that supports POP3 or IMAP4 including but not limited to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

SMTP Access: Domain name specific SMTP access is provided. This ensures you can always access SMTP even if you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who blocks access to external SMTP servers on specific ports.

Email Forwarders: You can setup email forwarders to point to any email account you have created. You can also setup a forwarder to point to an external email account hosted elsewhere.

Auto Responders: Auto responders can be setup for any of your email accounts instantly via your account's cPanel. An auto responder delivers an automated response to anyone who sends you a message. This feature is especially useful if you are out of the office or away on vacation and would like anyone who sends you a message to know that you won't be back until a specific date.

Mailing List Software: You can operate small mailing lists under your accounts using our included software.

WebMail Access: We offer three web mail systems (Horde, Squirrel Mail and RoundCube) which allow you to check your messages at anytime via your web browser without the need to have an email client installed. This is especially useful if you are checking your email while on the move from somewhere like an internet cafe or a public computer because it means you can check your email quickly and securely without the need to configure your account on that computer or install any special software.

SPAM Filtering: We include several tools to help you fight SPAM including Spam Assassin, HackGuard, Spam Box and Box Trapper. All of these tools can be easily configured via your account control panel.

Custom MX Record Changes: We allow you to easily change the Mail Exchange (MX) record for any of your hosted domains. This is useful if you run your own mail server at your office but want to host your website with Creative Inceptions™. We can point the MX record for the domain to your office mail server. This also allows you to use services like Google Apps and GMail with your Creative Inceptions™ account.

Site Development Tools:

PHP 5: The latest version of PHP 5 with all the most popular modules is installed at Creative Inceptions™. When PHP 6 is made stable by the PHP Group we will run this in a dual configuration with PHP 5. PHP scripts like Joomla, phpBB and WordPress will run right out the box on any of our servers without any configuration changes needing to be made.

Perl: You can run Perl scripts under your accounts.

Python: You can run Python scripts under your accounts.

Custom Error Pages: Create your own custom pages for errors such as 404 (File Not Found), 403 (Forbidden Access) etc.

Apache Handlers: Setting custom handlers for Apache is permitted. For example, you could set a handler to phrase all .html files via PHP.

Password Protection: The password protection function within your cPanel allows you to create password protected areas within your website. For example, you could password protect so that when this URL was entered into a user's web browser they would be asked to enter their credentials before the content was displayed. This feature is ideal for creating members-only areas etc.

Support for .htaccess: We allow for .htaccess files to be created under accounts letting you take advantage of Apache modules such as mod_rewrite.

Raw Logs Access: You may download the raw access or raw error logs for your accounts for further analyze.

AW Stats: View full graphical statistics about the visitors to any of your hosted domains. Find out where they came from, what pages they viewed and more via AW Stats.

Cron Jobs: Cron Jobs allow you to set a script to run automatically at a specific time.

Shared SSL (HTTPS): Connect securely over an HTTPS / SSL connection to any of your hosted domains using our shared SSL certificate. We can also install a dedicated SSL certificate upon request.

Server Side Includes (SSI): You may use Server Side Includes (SSI) under any of your accounts.

ionCube Loader: Run ionCube encoded scripts.

Zend Optimizer: Run Zend encoded scripts.

Image Magick / GD: Run scripts which require ImageMagick or GD.

Curl: Run scripts which require Curl.

Blogging: Blogs are extremely popular these days with everyone from teenagers to CEOs of multi-national companies creating them. Unlike a regular website a blog allows you to communicate with your site visitors on a much more personal level through a series of entries, much like a diary. With our easy to use blogging system you can get your blog up and running in minutes and create entries containing text articles, photos, images and more to record your thoughts on anything and everything you wish. You can also install blogging scripts like WordPress with a few clicks.

Fantastico Auto-Installer: Fantastico Auto-Installer allows you to install many popular scripts with one-click via your account's cPanel. You can install a wide range of scripts including various types of Content Management Systems, Blogs, Forums and many other popular scripts with little technical knowledge. Ideal if you want to get a script up and running quickly. Installable Scripts: Joomla!, phpBB, Simple Machines Forums (SMF), WordPress, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, phpWebSite, Xoops, b2, pMachine Free, Invision Board, CS Live Help, PHP Support Tickets, Support Services Manager, OS Commerce, 4images Gallery, PHPauction, PHProjekt, phpLinks, Moodle, Noah's Classifieds, PHPlist and WebCalendar.

File Management:

FTP Access: Full FTP access to your domain allows you to upload and manage your files on the server.

Secure FTP Access: For additional security you may also connect to FTP using an encrypted SSL connection.

Web File Manager: Manage your files securely via your web browser where FTP access may be blocked or unavailable.

SSH (Secure Telnet): SSH access can be enabled upon request for any of your hosted domains. Ideal for advanced users who wish to manage their files via the command line.

Web Disk (WebDAV) File Access: Web Disk allows you to place a shortcut on your local desktop for access to your hosting account files. With this fantastic system you can then drag and drop files into your hosting account just like it is part of your computer's local file system. This feature allows for easy publishing and eliminates the need for FTP or publishing software. It is also compatible with WebDAV.

Database Management:

Performance Tuned MySQL 5: Hostgator run the latest version of MySQL 5. Our MySQL installs are also heavily performance tuned with query caching and other tweaks to ensure your scripts fly.

Create Unlimited MySQL Databases: Create unlimited MySQL databases instantly via your control panel.

Remote MySQL Access: We allow remote connections to MySQL from authenticated IP addresses.

phpMyAdmin: Online management for your MySQL databases.

Create Unlimited PostgreSQL Databases: Create unlimited PostgreSQL databases instantly.

phpPgAdmin: Online management for your PostgreSQL databases.

Backup Tools:

Daily Local Backup: Backups are captured daily to a secondary drive in every server.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Remote Backup: In addition to full daily backups captured locally on each server, all of your data will be securely backed up to an off-site location using the latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology. This protects your important data in the unlikely event of a full facility failure. You can never be too careful when it comes to your critical data. Remote Backup Schedule - Web Hosting Plans - Once Weekly Hosting Plans - Twice Weekly

'One-Click' User Backup: Create your own backups instantly with one click via your account's control panel.

More Features:

Route Optimized Performance Bandwidth: All of our outbound routes are optimized using the Flow Control Platform (FCP) device. This means that we will not only route traffic to your site visitors but we will do so in the quickest and most reliable way possible. The FCP device helps to route around any packet loss or latency that may exist between the data center and your site visitor that wouldn't be on a conventional unoptimized hosting network. Running the FCP device on top of our high performance bandwidth providers and fully redundant meshed network offers our customers an unbeatable solution.

Cisco Backend Network for Enterprise Service Delivery: We run a secure 100% Cisco powered backend network running at 1GBps/sec which all of our servers are connected to. Over the backend network we deliver enterprise services to you such as the Hostgator Vault imaging backup and recovery platform.

Hot-Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) Failover Protection: We run Cisco's Hot-Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) failover protection system across all routers at all network levels. This means network maintenance can be performed transparently without downtime. If a router should fail, traffic is automatically failed over without causing an outage. Our network is 100% Cisco Powered using Cisco Catalyst 6509 and 2960 switches, all run in redundant pairs.

Certified Support Engineers: Home hosting providers will have different tiers of supports allowing them to reduce costs by filtering initial requests through low level support staff. Our Hosting partners hire Level III technicians and have thier own own team of Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) and Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNAs) available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week - even on Christmas Day! We do not outsource any part of our support process either. You can be assured that you will always be able to contact us and receive the expert and friendly support you expect anytime of the day or night.

*Please note features and options on this page and in this article are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for further clarification and consultation.

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